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Ted Benna, the man responsible for $15 trillion in retirement savings, has just released a controversial new book. In it, he claims anyone—regardless of age, income, or wealth level—can retire years sooner thanks to the simple new “501(k)” plan. He’s even willing to send a FREE COPY of his new book today to prove it!

(NOTE: This plan is not affiliated with the government. Limit one free book per household. First come, first served. Please read the letter below for instructions on how to secure your free copy.)


hy do some people always seem to get ahead while others barely scrape by?

Ted Benna, the man Barron’s says “might be most responsible for the country’s longest bull market,” believes he has the answer:

Most people invest in the wrong places!

Now if that sounds simple or naïve, hang on…

Because in his eye-opening new book, The “501(k)” Plan: How to Fully Fund Your Own Worry-Free Retirement—Starting at Any Age, Benna reveals the best places to grow your money to get outsized returns...

These are the little-known secrets politicians, celebrities, and the top fund managers in the world use to dramatically—and safely—grow their money… often totally outside the stock market.

If you’ve been trying to make a buck from conventional sources lately, you know:

You’re just a hamster on a wheelstuck pretty much going nowhere!

In his new book—which you can get today FOR FREE—Benna shows you where the real money is being made...

For instance:

>> Did you know 54 U.S. Congressmen recently admitted they use a secret “account” to claim up to 60 TIMES more interest on their money than regular people? And, on top of that, they typically don’t even have to report this income to the IRS?

It’s true.

And, amazingly, this “account” is available to ALL Americans.

Yet the government heavily restricts its advertising to the general public… even though past presidents like Bill Clinton, Franklin Roosevelt, and John F. Kennedy have used it!

Or how about this…

>> Did you know many Americans over the age of 55 qualify for a special, non-government, “guaranteed income program” that lets them collect up to $1,200 a month ON TOP of Social Security?

True again.

Ben Franklin was one of the pioneers of the program here in America. And President Reagan loved it so much, he used it to collect $79,000 a month.

These are just two of the secrets you’ll discover inside Ted Benna’s latest book, The “501(k)” Plan: How to Fully Fund Your Own Worry-Free Retirement—Starting at Any Age, which outlines a brand-new retirement solution called the “501(k).”

What is the “501(k)”?

Well, for starters, it’s not a government account. Rather, it’s the sum of 18 little-known income ideas you can use right now to significantly boost your retirement savings.

These are ideas most Americans have never heard of, typically reserved for the rich elite. But in Benna’s new book, he pulls the curtains on these cash cows for the first time…

For example:

All these ideas—and more—are revealed inside The “501(k)” Plan: How to Fully Fund Your Own Worry-Free Retirement—Starting at Any Age.

Today, as part of a national experiment on retirement, you can claim a copy of this breakthrough book absolutely FREE (keep reading for full details).

Let me explain…

“Man Who Built Wall Street” Goes Rogue

Just imagine…

Living life on your terms.

Making all the money you ever dreamed of.

Spending time with loved ones…

… traveling whenever and wherever you like…

… eating at all the best restaurants…

Without having to worry about how your “investments” are doing. And without having some Manhattan “bankster” get rich instead of you.

That’s the goal behind The “501(k)” Plan: How to Fully Fund Your Own Worry-Free Retirement—Starting at Any Age.

It shows you the best places to put your money today, as well as how to find new sources of income if you have little to start out with.

Now, you may be wondering…

Who is Ted Benna, and why is he sending out this book for free?

Great questions.

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, our retirement system today is broken.

Social Security is on life support.

Pensions are a thing of the past.

And, according to a recent survey, 56% of Americans—more than one in two!—have less than $10,000 saved up for retirement.

It’s ridiculous!

But more than that, it’s sad.

A sad, hopeless situation millions of hard-working Americans feel they can’t get out of.

That’s why Benna stepped in.

You see, Benna is considered by many as America’s foremost expert on retirement savings.

Benna is the man who created the first 401(k) savings plan back in 1981.

And, since then, Americans have saved an estimated $15 trillion in total thanks to his invention.

Because of this, Forbes calls him the “father” of the 401(k). Barron’s says he “might be most responsible for the country’s longest bull market.” And, in 2001, he was awarded the prestigious National Jefferson Award for Outstanding Public Service.

But, despite all this, Benna has a secret:

The fastest and most secure way to retire lies OUTSIDE Wall Street!

That’s why he put together this book.

Says Benna:

“People right now are getting absolutely robbed by Wall Street. If the average guy found out where his adviser was putting his own money, he’d be shocked… I guarantee, for a lot of these ‘professionals,’ it’s NOT in the stock market.”

When you look at the data, you realize Benna may be right…

In fact, according to a study by Morningstar, 5,364 mutual fund managers have ZERO dollars invested in their own fund.


In other words, that means the guys selling this stuff don’t even believe in it.

It’s sickening!

But worse than that is the fact many people are paying an arm and a leg to get into these funds…

Here’s just one example:

The famous “Wintergreen Fund” (run by David Winters) has under-performed the general stock market for the last 10 years. And yet—despite this—you have to pay a whopping 2% (each year!) in fees to get into this fund.


That means if stocks go up by 5%, you’re handing over almost half of your profits to a guy who can’t even beat the market.

No wonder most people can’t get ahead!

But rather than get mad, Benna encourages you to get even.

And the best way to do that is to mimic what these rich guys are doing.

Where the Rich Hide Their Money

Take Warren Buffett, for example.

Many consider Buffett as the king of “buy and hold” investing.

But get this…

Did you know the “Oracle of Omaha” recently used a little-known “secondary market” loophole to claim an estimated $4.5 billion in just three years?

It’s true.

And, amazingly, this method (which works an astonishing 96% of the time) lets you make money without typically having to buy—or sell—a single stock.

On page 203 of The “501(k)” Plan: How to Fully Fund Your Own Worry-Free Retirement—Starting at Any Age, you’ll find out, step-by-step, how you can do it, too.

Page 203: Be Like Buffett: How to make money 96% of the time on the “Secondary Stock Market”—without buying stocks!

Or what about the Rockefellers?

Their name is synonymous with big banking profits.

But many would be stunned to discover their latest money-making secret…  a new (and revolutionary) way to make money that lies totally outside the traditional banking sector.

You’ll want to check this out, too, before the mainstream catches wind. Turn to page 53 to discover this “Rockefeller” secret…

Page 53: The “Rockefeller’s” New Income Stream: How to cash in on the one website big banks hope you NEVER find out about.

Next there’s President Trump.

Many think Trump was either “born” into money or that he owes most of his wealth to real estate.

And while those statements certainly hold a great deal of truth… On page 315 of The “501(k)” Plan: How to Fully Fund Your Own Worry-Free Retirement—Starting at Any Age, we reveal what we believe is the real secret to his wealth.

Here, you’ll discover the simple secret that let Trump multiply his money hundreds of times over.

It’s the same secret that enabled Playboy’s Hugh Hefner to parlay a $8,000 loan into $50 million… Michael Dell to turn $1,000 into billions… and that also allowed many other successful business moguls to accumulate vast swaths of wealth.  

You, too, could be on your way to a 7-figure payday—even if you have very little to start out with—when you put this secret into action…

Page 315: The Billionaire’s #1 Success Secret: The fastest, easiest way to make $1 million today—even if you weren’t born rich!

These are just three of the “rich man’s secrets” you’ll discover inside Benna’s new book, which you can claim for FREE at the link below.

It’s Easy to Make More Money—
When You Pay Less Tax!

Look, here’s the truth:

Part of the reason these secret investments make so much money is because many of them allow you to pay very little tax.

That’s one of the reasons the rich love them!

And there’s no one better at sniffing out great tax loopholes than Ted Benna…

You see, Benna was one of the first to discover the great tax benefits of HR(10), or “Keough,” plans. And, before him, no one saw the full potential that laid hidden in section 401(k) of the IRS legal code.

Now Benna’s at it again with the “501(k).” This simple, non-government plan shows you the very best ways to pay as little tax as possible on your investments… LEGALLY!

Take a look:

In Chapter 1, Benna reveals a secret “account” many call the “President’s account” because so many U.S. presidents have used it.

JFK, Clinton, and Roosevelt, for example, were all big fans.

This “account”—in addition to paying ~40 to 60 times more than regular bank accounts—can let you (in certain cases) retire 100% tax-free!

Because government heavily restricts the advertising for this “account,” most people aren’t aware of just how great it is. But Benna discovered it while working with high-net worth clients…

They loved it so much, they’d stuff millions into it. And because Benna set up his own “President’s account,” his family is now set for life.

But he’s not the only one taking advantage of this special “account.” Here’s another man’s story…


Indiana Man with Master’s Degree in Finance Ditches 401(k).

With a master’s degree in finance, you’d think Robert Andrews would have a leg up on most investors.

Not so.

In fact, as Robert put it, it seemed like every time he’d put in $5,000 or $10,000 in his 401(k), the market would tank and he’d be no further ahead than before.

Robert now makes his living as a high-paid financial writer, and at one time was a financial analyst at HP.

But back in 2000, despite Robert’s knowledge in the markets, the financial collapse took away a good part of his portfolio.

That’s when he went looking for a better alternative…

After a strenuous 10-year search, he eventually found out about the “President’s account.”

“It’s great,” says Robert. “Not only have I never lost a single dime in my account, but in three years it’s already grown to over $30,000, tax-free. I’ve even used some of the money to buy gold and to go away on a trip.”


Especially when you consider that:

a) Robert didn’t have to report this income to the government… and…

b) His cash was 100% safe from any stock market crashes.

No wonder U.S. Presidents, Congressmen, and bankers love this safe haven so much (bankers, in fact, have socked away over $161 BILLION in this “account”!).

Here’s another great way to give the taxman the “heave ho”...



Radio Worker Doubles Retirement Income

In Chapter 3 of The “501(k)” Plan book, Benna reveals an incredibly safe investment that allows you to double your retirement income… all while letting you pay almost zero tax.

Listen to how this secret changed one woman’s life…

After she retired from a career in radio, Elaine Murphy sold her house in New Jersey. She was planning to live on the proceeds of the sale but was in for a rude awakening…

With medical-insurance premiums alone costing $1,000 a month, she had to come out of retirement and take a job as a cashier.

But she hated it!

That’s when a friend suggested she try the Guaranteed Income Program (or “G.I.P.”) pioneered by Benjamin Franklin.

With nothing to lose, she gave it a shot…

Elaine put in part of the money she got from selling her house. In return, she now gets a generous $2,500 check sent her way each and every month.

“I feel protected for life,” says Elaine. “Now I can count on a check that comes every month like clockwork.”

No wonder Fortune magazine calls this “the best place for retirement cash”!

If you need a few extra hundred (or thousand) dollars coming your way each month, I strongly suggest you pick up your free copy of The “501(k)” Plan: How to Fully Fund Your Own Worry-Free Retirement—Starting at Any Age and turn to page 71 straight away.

You can grab your FREE COPY right here.

Already, thousands of people have discovered the life-changing difference the “501(k)” can make.

Here’s what they’re saying…

“Finally, an approach I can follow
and still sleep at night!”

—Jim K.

John C., for example, says the book “gives a fresh new perspective to providing income for retirement.”

Dustin A. says it “has changed my mindset and my income. My life is great… Thanks for encouraging me to think outside the box.”

And Jim K. says: “Finally, an approach I can follow and still sleep at night!”

And, even better, is the way countless people are making real money thanks to the “501(k).”

Take a look:

Here are just some of the results people who have used different “501(k)” ideas have shared…


“Absolutely stunned!”

—Philip P., Minnesota, $10,410 per month

“Helped me turn a $7,500 investment into $205,000.”

—Sherri O’Donnell

“From flat broke to a million dollars in three years”

“$137,000 on a single transaction!”

“The safest investment in the world… I went from flat broke to a million dollars in three years. (It’s) the last great tax shelter in America. You can take $250,000 out in profits TAX-FREE—not tax deferred, but 100% tax-free!”

—Justin Ford, author & self-made millionaire

“The easiest investing I have ever done... I have used the money to buy a delivery truck and other equipment for my business… it’s GREAT! I wish I had known about it 25 years ago, I’d probably already be retired.”

—Paul M.


View from Greg's beach house

“It’s better than Roth IRAs and way better than 401(k)s and traditional IRAs. Over time, the dividends are incredible. So far, I’ve used my account to buy a small beach house... and fund my kids’ college.”

—Greg Richard

“I love this concept. I stumbled upon it almost three years ago… (It) helped me get a new roof on my house this summer.”

—Karen W.


“I am a CPA… I can assure you that 90% of the readers will not do any better with an investment (stock, bond, REIT, etc.) than purchasing (the “president’s account”). They are so automatic… The numbers will amaze you.”

—Jason R.

“It’s been four months since I started... I have reached my goal of $5,000 per month in income! This is by far the best income strategy I have ever used.”

—Werner B.

 “The best investment I ever made.”

—Caleb LeBlanc

“Is this right for me?”

Now, at this point, you might be wondering who’s eligible to use the “501k plan.”

That’s the great thing.

You see, unlike traditional government-sponsored plans like 401(k)s and IRAs, this program is available to EVERYONE.

It doesn’t matter if you’re currently working… retired… if you collect Social Security… if you have a 401(k) or IRA… or even how much (or little!) you have to start out with.

You, too, can use the secrets in the “501k” plan to sock away thousands of dollars a year!

Now, before you get started, there is one thing I should clarify…

And that is:

Even though this is called the “501(k)” plan, this program has absolutely nothing to do with the government.

But that’s a good thing!

When you consider the Feds have run up our national debt to an insane $20 TRILLION, they’re the last people I’d trust with my retirement!

So why, then, call it the “501(k)”?

Great question.

You see, the name was chosen because Ted Benna is considered the “father” of the 401(k). This is the “next step up,” the “501(k)”!

But, again, to emphasize, the “501(k)” has almost nothing to do with stocks. And you also don’t have to work for a company that offers this program to use it.

You can set-up your own “501(k)” very easily from the comfort of your own home.

All you need to do to get started is pick up your free copy of the book, The “501(k)” Plan: How to Fully Fund Your Own Worry-Free Retirement—Starting at Any Age.

Everything is explained in full, clear detail in simple terms even a 4th grader could understand.

Already, over 100,000 people have paid $49 to discover the secrets contained in this book.

But now, thanks to a nationwide experiment on retirement, you can get your hands on the full, 384-page hardbound book for FREE.

To grab your free copy today, simply click on the link below to get started:

What’s the “Catch”?


So why are we sending out this free book?

Let me explain…

My name is Tom Dyson.

I’m the co-founder of The Palm Beach Letter, a monthly investment newsletter based in Palm Beach, Florida.

Our work is currently read by 87,615 people in 138 countries around the world (including even Vatican City).

What we do is simple: Each month, we scour the globe and test, analyze, and research all the best possible ways to make money.

We’ve studied everything under the sun, from shipping stocks, BDCs, closed-end funds, REITs, real estate, resource trusts, MLPs, preferred stocks, convertible bonds, precious metals, options, cryptocurrencies, regional banks, blue-chips… and dozens more.

What makes us unique—besides our unparalleled track record—is that we’re 100% independent.

That means we don’t accept payments—or advertising dollars—from any of the companies we recommend.

In other words, we can’t be bought!

The only reason we will EVER recommend an investment to you is because we think you’ll make money on it.

It’s just that simple.

That’s why we were so keen on partnering up with Ted Benna.

You see, Ted, like me, has seen first-hand the type of abuse the average guy gets at the hands of big banks…

For my part, I used to work on the trading floor of one of the biggest banks of the world. Our team often oversaw billions of dollars in trades in a single day.

But I grew sick of it all. Who wants to help a big, billion-dollar behemoth nickel-and-dime the small guy?

Ted, on his part, invented the first 401(k) savings plan.

His goal in doing that was to help people. In fact, he stopped working with high-net worth clients in order to pursue that goal.

But now Wall Street has co-opted these plans. It has become a MASSIVE piggy bank for them.

In fact, Ted Benna has recently been quoted as saying he’s “created a monster”!

Just consider: According to a recent study, the typical American household will pay roughly $155,000 in broker fees over their lifetime…


This has to stop.

That’s why we’re proud to release The “501(k)” Plan: How to Fully Fund Your Own Worry-Free Retirement—Starting at Any Age, which gives a blueprint anyone can use to retire years faster… without Wall Street.

We have printed 5,000 copies of the book that we are giving out for free. We’re doing this because we believe there’s a vastly better way for Americans to retire today. And we want to prove it.

So, please, enjoy the book at our expense.

All we ask is you cover the small cost of shipping the book to your door.

Already, hundreds of free copies have been claimed.

And if you want to claim one of the few remaining FREE copies, we suggest you act fast…

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FREE BONUS #1: Digital Copy of the “501(k)” Book!

As soon as you secure your physical copy of the “501(k)” plan book, we’ll instantly send you a free digital copy of the book.

That way, you can start using—within minutes!—great income-generating secrets like these…

That’s on top of all the other great cash cows I showed you earlier, like the “President’s account”… the Franklin “guaranteed income program”… the $330,000 health care fund… and much, much more!

FREE BONUS #2: The Retirement Crib Sheet!

Making money is great.

But retiring well is also about having a great lifestyle!

That’s why we’ve put together what I consider the definitive guide on how to—not only live better in retirement—but also save a ton of money while doing it.

We call it The Retirement Crib Sheet—Everyday Tips You Can Use to Save Thousands a Year, and it’s yours to enjoy right away.

It’s loaded with over 100 different shortcuts and insider tips you can use, such as…

You’ll also find out the real secret to how you can fly first class (on any airline, any time) for freegolf for freego on a cruise nearly free thanks to something called “re-positioning”… how to never pay for ATM fees again… how to buy full-value gift cards at brand name stores for pennies on the dollar… and tons of other money-saving tips.

FREE BONUS #3: Four Ways to Immediately Boost Your Social Security!

Armed with your “501(k)” book and the Retirement Crib Sheet, chances are you’ll be flush with cash…

But still, if you’re like me, you don’t like leaving any money on the table!

That’s why we’re also going to send you our FREE Special Report on Four Ways to Immediately Boost Your Social Security.

You’ve paid into the program all your life. Now’s the time to collect!

This report shows you how to get every last dollar you’re entitled to…

For example, did you know that—if you were born before January 1, 1954—you can use something called a “restricted application” to collect an extra $19,200 (or more) in Social Security benefits?

It’s true. All told, you could receive up to four years’ worth of extra Social Security checks sent your way just by filing this special form.

Or what about this:

Did you know there’s a way you can receive all your benefits in ONE LUMP SUM?

Another little-known fact. We triple-checked this one in the Social Security handbook just to make sure.

Now, there is one condition you must meet to get this lump sum… and, also, please note this may not be the best strategy for everyone… however, if you are in need of a large chunk of cash, this could be the right one for you.

The report also covers:


It’s just common sense to get back every last dollar the U.S. government owes you.

Now, of course, the Social Security Administration bureau publishes all the information on this… and it’s 100% publicly available…

However, with 2,728 separate rules governing Social Security today, it’s nearly impossible to track down all the best loopholes and tricks.

That’s why we’ve done the work for you!

In Four Ways to Immediately Boost Your Social Security, which we’ll send your way FOR FREE right away, you’ll get the inside scoop on the very best ways to maximize your Social Security.

But before we do that, there’s just one last thing we want to send your way…

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With all the information that’s out there today, it’s hard to know what to believe.

And when it comes to your money, you want to be sure!

That’s where The Palm Beach Letter comes in. Each month, we’ll send you the very best way to make money we’ve found. We cut through all the chaff and give you just the wheat.

Things change fast. That’s why The Palm Beach Letter is your perfect guide toward a greater retirement.

Already, over 87,000 seek our help each month. And I believe we’re doing the best job in the country at helping people retire today…

In fact, currently, 27 out of 32 of our total “open” recommendations are showing positive gains!

And these aren’t puny gains, either…


Twelve of these gains are double-digit winners… four are triple-digit… and two of our current recommendations are up by a staggering 1,775% and 3,203%, respectively.

If you’d put just $200 in each of our current recommendations, you’d be sitting on $22,041 right now!

You’d have more than tripled your money!

Where else can you get those types of returns?

But, please, don’t take my word for it. That’s why, when you claim your free copy of The “501(k)” Plan: How to Fully Fund Your Own Worry-Free Retirement—Starting at Any Age, you’ll be able to sample The Palm Beach Letter for yourself over the next 30 days.

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Last Chance

Alright, that’s all for now.

But before I go, just one last thing…

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Remember: Many of the ideas that make up the “501(k)” are totally hidden from the mainstream…

The government actually restricts the advertising for some of these investments!

That’s why you need this book.

Ted Benna has already helped millions of Americans literally save trillions of dollars over his lifetime.

And, now, he’s revealing an even better way to retire, one that doesn’t enrich Wall Street and that can be used by everyone!

Just click on the link below. In less than two minutes, you’ll secure your free copy of the hardbound “501(k)” book and all your free bonuses.  

Thank you,

Tom Dyson
Co-Founder, The Palm Beach Letter

P.S. We’ve only printed 5,000 copies of The “501(k)” Plan: How to Fully Fund Your Own Worry-Free Retirement—Starting at Any Age to give away for free. Get your copy today before they’re all gone!

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