The “$500 Breakthrough”

Will “The Next Bitcoin”
Make You Rich?

This “could transform how the economy works” - The Economist

A “modern (day) gold rush” - Forbes

This is $500.

So is this.

And this.

Now, if you’ve got $500, listen up…

'Cause I'm going to show you the #1 way you can take that $500 and, over time, potentially turn it into a rare $5,000, $10,000 or even $50,000 gain.


You should be!

I don’t expect you to believe me for a single second before you see the proof for yourself (which I’ll get to in a minute…).

But look, here’s the thing…

In all my years in finance...

Which includes two decades on Wall Street as well as running a successful hedge fund…

I’ve never seen anything like the new opportunity we now have at our hands…

Not when I made my first million in ‘98 betting on foreign markets…

Not when I told clients to load up on Apple in 2003, months before it started to shoot up by a factor of 50…

And not four years ago, when I multiplied my wealth six times over in the commodities market.

Now, to be clear…

This new “$500 breakthrough” has nothing to do with stocks, commodities, or forex.

And it also has nothing to do with options, gambling, the lottery, multilevel marketing, “work-from-home” opportunities, real estate, or anything like that.

But it does have something to do with a totally new way of making money.

One that you can start with as little as $500 (and even less).

Now, here’s the thing.

Up until 8 years ago, this opportunity didn’t even exist, because the revolutionary technology behind it hadn’t been invented yet.

But now it’s catching on. And quick.


Already, business moguls like Richard Branson, Bill Gates, and Paypal co-founder Peter Thiel have given this opportunity their nod of approval.

It has the potential to “change the world,” Thiel says.

And Forbes has even declared it a “modern (day) gold rush.”

But the most important thing, in my eyes, is how this “$500 breakthrough” has started to change the lives of every-day working-class Americans.

Americans like Dan Carbert, who used to work as an engineer in Eastern Washington.

Dan used to drive a $300 beater, an old Honda Civic.

But after discovering the “$500 breakthrough,” Dan’s net worth soared past $1 million.

“I’m a smiling guy,” Dan says.

I bet!

Then there’s the case of Roger Ver.

Roger was a fairly successful salesman in California for 15 years.

But seven years ago, he stumbled onto a small podcast that talked about a unique way to make money using the “$500 breakthrough.”

He instantly saw the potential and decided to made a big bet—$25,000.

Did it pay off?

Well, get this…

Two years after Roger made his move, his stake morphed into an incredible $30 million!

Or how about Kris Campbell?

Have you heard this crazy story?

Back in 2009 when Kris was a student in Sweden, he discovered the “$500 breakthrough.”

Curious by nature, Kris decided to invest a tiny, tiny sum of money—$25.

Well, Kris forgot all about his $25 for 5 years then checked again…

By then, his small stake had morphed into $886,000.

Can you imagine?!

That’s nuts!

Kris was able to buy a brand-new luxury condo with a small part of his profits.

Now, look…

Obviously, there are no guarantees you’ll make as much money as Dan, Roger, and Kris.

But these stories illustrate the life-changing potential of the “$500 breakthrough.”

And while your $500 stake probably won’t morph into a cool million…

I do think there’s a very good chance it could turn into $5,000, $10,000, even $50,000 or more.

That’s enough to bring your entire family on a dream trip to Europe or in the tropics…

Buy a new car…

Or even just pad up your retirement account.

(And, obviously, if you have more than $500 to put into this, the gains could just multiply from there.)

Now, I’m sure you’re wondering…

What is the “$500 breakthrough”?

The “Gold Rush” of the 21st Century

Glad you asked.

What I’m talking about is the incredible opportunity we now have at our hands to make money with cryptocurrencies.

“Crypto what?” You might say.


You’ve heard about “Bitcoin” before, right?

Well, Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency.

That’s to say, it’s an alternative digital currency that’s totally detached from any government or Central bank.

Now, here’s the thing…

Most people have only heard about Bitcoin.

But, the fact is, Bitcoin is just one of over 700 different cryptocurrencies out there today!

And the opportunities in this field right now are absolutely mind-boggling!

I mean, get this…

Did you know that—already—Microsoft, IBM and dozens of other Fortune 500 companies are getting involved in the “$500 breakthrough”?

It’s true.

Over 40 different banks have taken the plunge too.

As Amy Hood, Microsoft’s Executive Vice President says, “We see significant potential.”

Now, maybe the thought of investing in something as different as cryptocurrencies comes across as a bit scary to you…

Maybe you think you’re “too old” to invest in something like this… or you’re “not savvy enough with the Internet” or this or that…

But before you pass up this opportunity, please listen to this:

Because what we have here is truly one of those rare opportunities where the odds are heavily stacked in your favor… much more than in normal circumstances.

Where you have very high odds of making a small wager and getting a massive payoff in return.

When chances like these appear in your life, you have to take ‘em with both hands!

Look, just think:

Have you ever wondered how your life would be different today if you’d made just one or two different moves when you were younger?

What if someone had convinced you to take a flyer on Amazon and eBay in the late 90s?

A single $500 investment in both these companies would have now be worth more than $303,000.

Now maybe you’re already rich and $300K means nothing to you.

Well, kudos to you.

But I personally know a lot of people that $300,000… or even just a small fraction of that — ten… twenty… $30,000 would make a huge difference in their lives.

What about you?

That’s why I’m recording this video.

Because the opportunity we now have with cryptocurrencies is like a second-chance at early Internet gains…

As Fortune magazine says, “Many investors compare it to the heady days of the early commercial internet.”

So we’re still in the early days.

The monster life-changing gains are still in front of us.

So please think twice before passing up this opportunity.

Because I’m not sure when another chance like this will come along.

Now, first things first…

If you’re unsure about investing in cryptocurrencies, don’t worry…

I’ll be right beside you every step of the way to guide you.

I’ll explain exactly how cryptocurrencies work… why they’re even worth money in the first place (did you know, for example, that a single “Bitcoin” is worth nearly as much as an ounce of gold right now?!).

I’ll also share with you the names of the top 3 cryptocurrencies I think you should buy… how to do it… and also tell you why you want to get in before the end of December…

This last point is key.

You see, there’s a major event that will either take place at the end of this year… or early next year.

And I believe this will set the prices of many cryptocurrencies soaring, including my favorites.

In fact, one of them has already started to rise!

So, you want to get in now.

In the next two or three weeks, if possible.

And even earlier is best.

I’ll tell you all about this event in a minute.

But first, you might be wondering:

Why am I sharing all this with you today?

Helping “Little Guys” Win

My name, by the way, is Teeka Tiwari.

You might have seen me before on TV.  

I spent two decades on Wall Street and ran a successful hedge fund.

As a result, I’ve been asked to appear on numerous programs like Fox Business News, ABC Nightline, Dateline, among others.

But now I’ve left all the chaos of Wall Street behind.

I also haven’t granted a TV interview for half a decade.

Now, of course, I’m obviously still very much interested in investing—which is why I’m talking to you right now…

But I decided to leave my lucrative gig in Wall Street and all the hoopla because I grew sick and tired of seeing “the little guy” getting kicked around.

I mean…

I’m sure you’ve noticed how it’s almost impossible to get ahead these days…

Banks don’t pay.

Most stocks aren’t worth a damn, either.

I mean, did you know that last year… even after a decade of government manipulation and with stocks at all-time highs… the S&P only returned 9.5%?


If you had $10,000 in the market, that’s $950.


As if that’s gonna change anything.

How are you supposed to make real money unless you already have a hundred, two hundred thousand grand already invested in the market?

The truth is you can’t.

And even if you have that much money in the market, there’s always a chance another ’08 will come along and crush your portfolio in one fell swoop!


It’s very obvious.

The game is rigged and the “little guy” has been left for dead.

But I want to see that change.

You see, even though my friends call me “Big T,” I know exactly what it feels like to be the little guy…

Back in 1987 when I moved to Manhattan, I only had $150 in my pockets and a dream…

To become rich.

It took me almost a decade… and I had to fight tooth and nail to do it… But eventually I made my first million dollars.

Now, obviously, I’ve been humbled many times along the way…

I lost my million in pretty short order before making it all back again
(and more)…

But I’ve never forgotten what it feels to be the “little guy,” wanting to make a lot of money but never seeming to know what “the other guys” did.

Luckily, I’ve come to learn why some people never get ahead… while others seem to grow their wealth much faster than most… almost as if “by magic.”

It has to do with a simple secret, which is really nothing more than a new (and totally different) way of investing.

It’s how, for example, a man from Texas was able to multiply his wealth by a factor of 650 in a matter of months…

And how another saw his wealth grow by a factor of 2,000 in just a few years.

But if you’re thinking these were strokes of luck and that these men got rich gambling on the lottery or starting businesses…

That’s where you’d be wrong.

You see, they simply harnessed the secret of “high-probability situations…”

What’s a “high-probability situation”?

Well, it’s simply a unique, special situation where you get to make a lopsided investment:

On the one hand, if you’re wrong, your losses are very minimal…

But on the other hand, if you’re right, the payoffs can be huge

I’m talking 10-to-1 or even 100-to-1 type returns.

Now, obviously, situations like this don’t occur every day…

But, right now, we’ve got one right in front of us.

We have a “high-probability situation” on our hands this very moment with some of these cryptocurrencies…

I mean, just look at what happened to Li Xiaolai.

Li used to teach English as a second language in China.

He’d tried all kinds of different ways to make money—even including selling “e-books” online.

But nothing ever panned out.

However, when Li discovered this new way of investing and focused on cryptocurrencies… he quickly became a millionaire.

Then there’s John Casey.

Same story.

A meager investment eventually turned into $12 million.

This, my friend, is the opportunity of a lifetime.

It’s the opportunity you’ve been waiting for.

And by the time you finish watching this video, you’ll finally have in your hands the secret to making REAL money that can make a REAL difference in your life.

Not 5, 10, or 20 years in the future.

But now.


And the best part is…

You don’t need a lot of money to do it.

Only $500 could do it!

All right, let’s get going!

10 Life-Changing Charts

I want to show you the potential at stake here.

Let’s look at what a simple $500 investment would have done for you in a few different cryptocurrencies.

First off let’s look at Bitcoin.

If you’d invested a mere $500 in Bitcoin back in 2013, it would have grown to $42,534 in under a year.

That’s 85 times your money.


My friend Tom did this.

He was early on Bitcoin and invested $25,000.

He cashed out once he’d made over $536,000.

That’s not 85-to-1 but closer to 21-to-1.

Still, that’s a half million dollars…

Nothing to sneeze at.

With all his “winnings,” Tom bought property on the Pacific Coast… He invested in a friend’s business… And he also partially funded the retirement plans of his three kids…

Needless to say, this money totally transformed Tom’s life.

But, again, Bitcoin isn’t the only game in town.

Take a look at this chart.

It shows the price movement of a cryptocurrency called “Ripple.”

Over a 32-day span back in 2014, Ripple shot up an incredible 602%...

That was enough to transform $500 stake into over $3,508.

Here’s another one called “Dash.”

Most people have never heard of Dash, but you could have turned $500 into more than $8,333 in 30 days—a blistering 1,566% gain!—with this cryptocurrency.

That’s enough to pay for a 2-week vacation for the family!

Or what about “NEM”?

Different crypto, same story…

$500 invested here would have grown to an astonishing $58,252

All in less than 6 months.

What would you do with that kind of money?

Would you buy a Mercedes?

A small camper?

Or maybe just some nice toys for the kids or grandkids?

Now I don’t want to mislead you…

Cryptocurrencies do come with some very real volatility.

But if you have the right tools and a small stake, the profit potential here isn’t something you can afford to miss.

That’s the beauty of these cryptos.

Time and time again, they’ve shown an amazing ability to transform small stakes of money into 4- and 5-figure paydays and more.

Think I’m cherry picking?

Think again.

Look at this…

From Litecoin…

To Augur…

To Syscoin…

To Z-Cash…

To Dogecoin…

To Trumpcoin…

The story repeats again and again and again.

Small starting stakes. Big paydays.

In fact, a simple $500 investment in this last cryptocurrency would have grown into a staggering $681,000!

Of course, it’s impossible to time these things perfectly.

But even if you’d captured only, say, 10% of those gains… you’d have still multiplied your money 100-to-1 and walked away with a cool sixty-eight grand!

No wonder Virgin’s CEO, billionaire Richard Branson, has said:

People have made fortunes.

And Bill Gates has called cryptocurrencies a “technological tour de force,” stating it’s “better than currency.”

Even 12-term Congressman Ron Paul has given his nod of approval, calling it “fantastic”!

That’s why, over the last year, I’ve traveled all over the globe learning as much as I can about these cryptocurrencies…

Because it’s the best “high probability” bet around.

I mean, the gains you can make here are absolutely out of this world…


Here are some of the gains you could have made IN A SINGLE DAY with some of these cryptocurrencies…

92%... 68%... 54%... Even up to 373%... all in a single day!

Here are some other gains, just four days later…

94%... 104%... 277%!

Or here’s a crypto I spotted on March 21st…

A 2,811% gain in a single day!

That’s enough to catapult a mere $500 into $14,555!

Try to get big price hikes like that with big stocks!


That’s why, over the last 12 months, I’ve traveled to New York, London, Toronto, Portugal, Vegas, and Austin (twice). It’s why I’ve sent my research assistant to Miami and why I’ll be flying overseas to Germany soon…

To learn everything I can about these cryptos.

I’ve talked with every major leader in the space…

I’ve attended meetings that included several Fed members, former U.S. Treasury Secretary Larry Summers as well as superstar billion-dollar venture capitalists.

In a word:

I’ve made it my mission to learn more about these cryptocurrencies than anyone else on earth because it is… to borrow an old cliché… the opportunity of a lifetime.

“Many investors compare it to the heady days of the early commercial internet.”

- Fortune


Here’s what I mean…

This picture shows the total amount of money venture capitalists have invested in Bitcoin and its underlying technology over the last few years…

As you can see, back in 2012 the amount of money invested was puny.

$2.1 million.

But then look at what happened

In a short four years, that amount shot up to $690 million—an impressive 32,300% increase!

That’s why Blythe Masters, a former senior Exec at JPMorgan, has said:

“You should be taking this technology as seriously as… the development of the Internet in the early 1990s. It’s analogous to email for money.”

And why Fortune magazine says “many investors compare it to the heady days of the early commercial internet.”

I mean, think about it…

What other field do you know where the amount of “smart money” invested has increased 300-fold over a 4-year span?

If you know please send me an email!

But here’s the thing…

Even though momentum is picking up, we’re still on the ground floor…

In fact, Glenn Hutchins, who runs the $26-billion Silver Lake Partners Fund and made a killing off Internet stocks in the 1990s, says this opportunity is akin to the early days of Internet investing.

In one of the meetings I’ve attended on cryptos, he called this a “massive opportunity” that “seems like it’s taking off.”

Then there’s Brian Estes, another venture capitalist.

He’s called cryptos a “hedge against an economic collapse,” adding it was security against “the ATMs and the banking system not being functional for a while.”

He could be right…

When the Greek stock market collapsed two years ago, Bitcoin shot up 27% in less than 3 weeks.

And last year, when fears of “Brexit” began to surface, Bitcoin shot up 50% in just a few weeks, moving approximately four times more than gold.

But that’s not all.

Here’s another indication the smart money is moving in…

Michael Novogratz is another big-time player.

He managed $2.3 billion at Fortress Investing Group and helped lead their initial Bitcoin investment.

Well, The New York Times reports Novogratz recently made a “significant” purchase in the digital currency I believe will soon become “the next Bitcoin.”

Look, friend…

This is an exciting opportunity.

One that, just like the early days of the internet, could hand us life-changing gains…

For example, if you’d invested just $500 in Yahoo back when it started, you’d now have $18,254 in your hands…

An early $500 investment in Dell would have given you $69,300…

And $500 in Amazon would have turned into an incredible $281,456…

The key is being early.

And, now, a new flood of “crypto millionaires” has started to appear…

Many more will, but you’ve got to act quick.

In a second, I’ll tell you about the top 3 cryptocurrencies I think you should buy today.

But before I do that, I want to answer a few questions…

Because I’m sure you have some.

For example, you might be wondering why these cryptocurrencies are even worth money in the first place?

Why are these things worth
anything at all???

It’s a great question.

I mean…

Digital currencies invented out of thin air and traded on the internet… how does that have value?

Take Bitcoin.

Recently, the price for a single digital “unit” of Bitcoin shot up past $1,200.

That’s the same price as a real ounce of physical gold!

How’s this possible??

Well, the truth is:

Bitcoin is worth what it is today because that’s what people have decided.

It’s true.


Bitcoin is no different than any other “product.”

Sure, it’s digital.

But so are e-books.

And plenty of people still pay for those.

Prices can be baffling…

Why, for example, do some of the super-rich pay hundreds of millions of dollars for a single painting?


Why does a Rolls Royce cost 10 times as much as a Bimmer?

And why do millions of people pay $600, $700, $800 for the latest iPhone?

Because, in a word, that’s what people are willing to pay.


Supply and demand.

Now, you might argue the iPhone has a utility…

…You can call your wife with it… Send texts… Play games…

But for the folk who buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, they have a utility too.

And that is:

The ability to keep a portion of their money outside the control of governments and central banks!

As Nassim Taleb, who wrote the #1 New York Times #1 Bestseller “The Black Swan,” says:

(It’s) the beginning of something great. A currency without a government, something necessary and imperative.”

Look, I know the mainstream media tries to paint Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as the domain of criminals.

But that’s just because they don’t understand it…

Now, do some people use cryptos to buy drugs and hide money away from the government?


Just like many people use cash and gold to do same thing.

I’m not condoning it.

But that doesn’t mean cash and gold are evil!

They’re just currency.


And what you do with these tools is up to you.

So, back to the question…

Why do these cryptos have value?

Well, consider this:

Since 1913, the U.S. dollar has lost more than 95% its value.

And, each year, the trend continues.

So, because of inflation, each year your money is guaranteed to decline in purchasing power.

Or what about Cyprus?

Back in 2013, the small Mediterranean country confiscated almost HALF their citizens’ wealth.

(What they called “bail ins.”)

Is that an alluring prospect?

As one crypto enthusiast wrote, “Imagine living in Greece or Cyprus where you know the banks are broke, financial crisis after financial crisis and so forth. When things get bad and your bank only allows you to get like $60 a day from the ATM. Can you see the need for having “something else” available to you? I sure can.”

Now, maybe you’re not personally worried about these things…

Maybe it doesn’t worry you our government has injected trillions in new dollars out of thin air.

And maybe you don’t believe confiscation can happen here, although Roosevelt confiscated gold back in the 30s…

And maybe you’re right.

But the simple fact remains many people ARE worried.

And they’re worried enough to store at least part of their cash in alternative currencies!

Now, the next question you might have is…

Why not just buy gold or silver?

It’s a great question.

I’m a big fan of precious metals…

But as former CIA advisor and currency expert Jim Rickards put it:

“Gold is a great way to preserve wealth, but it is hard to move around. You do need some kind of alternative and Bitcoin fits the bill.”

It’s “like better gold than gold,” reported Forbes.

But cryptocurrencies have other advantages as well.

For example, with high-quality cryptos, the total amount of new “coins” created is limited by design. So inflation is capped off.

It’s also anonymous, which helps you preserve your privacy.

It can also help you save money.

I mean…

Have you ever tried to wire money to another country or use something like Western Union?

What a rip-off!

Why should you pay $30… $40… or even more every time you need to send cash?

It’s ridiculous!

With cryptocurrencies, you can cut out the middleman and eliminate almost 100% of these fees.

These are just a few of the reasons alternative “crypto” currencies have been rising in popularity lately.

In fact, according to data provider CoinDesk, there are now over 200,000 different transactions each day

… and the total number of cryptocurrency “wallets” has DOUBLED (to over 12 million) in just the last year.

Now, knowing all this…

What are you going to do?

You can either choose to ignore this burgeoning market… one that’s still in its infancy but has already started to mint millionaires…

Or you can choose to take advantage of this phenomenon and claim a piece of the pie.

Me, I want a piece of the pie!

Why All the Cryptos?

All right.

So, we’ve established why cryptocurrencies have value.

But now perhaps you’re wondering why do we need more than one?

Couldn’t the world just be happy with Bitcoin and leave it at that?

Another great question.

But look, here’s the thing…

No one is disputing Bitcoin as the uncontested leader in this space.

In fact, as of today, there is OVER $16 BILLION invested in Bitcoin.

And, not only that, but you’ve got businesses like Amazon, Target, CVS and Subway all accepting it as form of payment.

You’ve also got Bitcoin ATMs sprouting up in several cities…

But let me ask you this:

How many currencies do we have around the world?

Do we just have the U.S. dollar?

Of course not!

We’ve got the euro, the Canadian loonie, the Australian dollar, the Mexican peso, the Argentinian peso, the Chinese yuan, and the list goes on and on!

Variety is good.

So is competition.

However, having said all this…

It would be a very big mistake to think the only thing at play here is the “currency” aspect of these crypto “currencies”…

More Than Just Currency


Here’s the truth:

The real value in these cryptos has less to do with the “currency” aspect per se… and more so with the technology behind them.

You see, before 2009, there were no cryptocurrencies.

Now, of course, it’d long been a dream, with Nobel-prize winning economist Milton Friedman saying back in ‘99:

I think the internet is going to be one of the major forces for reducing the role of government. The one thing that’s missing but that will soon be developed, is a reliable e-cash.”

And what made this “reliable e-cash” a reality?

It was the technology.

Just like an iPhone needs special software to make it run, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies need their own special type of “software” too.

And this special “crypto software,” that was invented in 2009, can do some pretty amazing things…

For example, have you ever wondered why it takes your bank 3-5 days to clear a check?

It’s because they need to be 100% sure whoever gave you the check has the money in their account before they release the funds to you.

So it’s a form of protection.

And cryptos are no different.

They need to perform this same type of “accounting” too.

Only with cryptocurrencies, because of their special software, they can perform this task about 700 times faster…

In minutes, rather than days…

It’s “a remarkable cryptographic achievement,” says Google CEO Eric Schmidt.

But not only is this “remarkable achievement” faster, it also has other great features…

For example, cryptocurrencies are almost impossible to manipulate like the “Fed” does with our money supply.

That’s because, for the Fed, it’s easy for them to print more money… because they are the only ones who control the source.

But with cryptos, that power (by design) is decentralized…

That means there is no single source or entity that can decide to—all of a sudden—increase the amount of currency available or digitally “print” new money.

It’s also much safer.

Few people know this, but last year hackers stole $81 million from an account held at the Federal Reserve.

Again, this “centralized” system makes it much more prone to attack.

That’s why senior economist François R. Velde from the Chicago Fed has called the technology behind cryptos like Bitcoin “an elegant solution to the problem of creating a digital currency.”

Now, I could spend hours explaining all the finer details on how this technology works…

But I don’t want to bore you to death.

I’d rather show you how to profit!

It’s just like the days of Henry Ford…

You didn’t need to know how an engine worked from A to Z to know cars would lead to a massive revolution!

Just know this:

That the technology behind cryptocurrencies is going to revolutionize massive industries…

And in the process, it’s going to make some people very, very rich.

Like the people who chose to invest in Factom, a cryptocurrency invented by two Austin, Texas, entrepreneurs.

Last year Factom returned 511%, beating out 99% of all stocks.

Or what about DubaiCoin?

On March 6, 2016, it was trading for well under a penny…

But by the end of the year, it shot up 8,596%. That’s enough to turn a tiny $500 grubstake into $43,480.

Radium also made people a boatload of cash…

$500 here quickly grew into $57,407 in only 60 days…

Major players have started to notice…

For example, here are the findings from the Aite Group, a global research firm.

They’ve found banks and companies in the financial sector are planning to spend $400 MILLION over the next three years alone on crypto tech!

$400 million!

Now, tell me…

Do you think maybe this little crypto thing has legs?

It’s like I said.

High-probability situations.

That’s what you want because it puts the odds of big massive paydays squarely in your favor.

But it’s not just the support from the financial sector that’s got me excited about this.

Fact is, that’s just one of the many industries that is implementing this technology.

And every time it does, prices shoot up.

Look, right now a team of 22 MIT scientists (led by a former White House advisor and a former researcher at the Bank of England) are studying how they can use this groundbreaking technology to keep health records safe…

And the government in Connecticut has already started to use this technology to track some of its important data.

The legal industry will also see major changes.

So will real estate…

Digital identity…


And countless other industries.

That’s why The Economist has stated this technology, and I quote, “could transform how the economy works.”

Already, it’s creating a massive job boom… with new employment opportunities in this field going up 5,500% since mid-2015.

Disney has implemented this technology in their systems… Wal-Mart is testing it… and countless other Fortune 500s are getting involved.

This is the type of story President Trump loves…

In fact, take a look at this:

Last December, Trump held a “tech summit” that featured prominent crypto enthusiast Peter Thiel as well as other supporters like Microsoft, Google, IBM, and Intel.

On the agenda were talks about how to improve America’s cybersecurity… improve our physical and digital infrastructures… and update government systems.

Well, do you know who the White House has put in charge to lead these efforts?

Congressman Mick Mulvaney, who created a special “Caucus” last year to, quote, “promote laws and policies to encourage the development of cryptocurrencies”!

I’ll read that again:

To “promote laws and policies to encourage the development of cryptocurrencies.”

Do you realize how huge that is?!!

Here’s the guy who’s in charge of revamping our country’s digital security and infrastructure…

And he’s a keen crypto supporter!

If you needed any surer sign cryptocurrencies are here to stay… and that we’re only at the very forefront of what’s possible… this is it.

Now, all these tailwinds will make digital currencies soar over the next couple years…

But you can’t just invest in any old crypto.

You see, there’s one cryptocurrency in particular I believe will grow above every other option.

It’s one I call “the Next Bitcoin.”

The “Next Bitcoin”

Now, I’ve already spoken to you a bit about how cryptocurrencies work…

And I’ve also shown you there’s a massive boom currently underway, both in terms of upcoming support and spending for this industry…

But here’s the thing:

“Crypto technology” isn’t the same for every “currency”!

That’s what makes the difference between each of the 700-plus different cryptos.

But of all of these, the technology behind “the next Bitcoin” is—by far—the most advanced.

And, when you think about it, that should come as no surprise…

I mean, the guy who started this was one of Bitcoin’s earliest developers…

And he’s a real genius.

I’ve met this guy twice.

He’s just 23 but, already, Fortune has named him to their “40 under 40” list.

He’s the youngest on that list by 7 years!

He’s also won a $100,000 “Thiel Scholarship” from mega entrepreneur Peter Thiel…

He also beat out Facebook’s Mark Zuckerburg for the “World Technology Award”…

So this guy’s smart.

And he’s also ballsy and isn’t in this for the money.

Apparently, rumor is he turned down $500 MILLION from Silicon Valley investors to buy into his “next Bitcoin” technology!

Instead, he’s left it possible for everyday folks like you and me to take part.

So what makes what he created so special?

Well, you know how, a couple minutes ago, I told you how the banking sector was making a big money on crypto tech, with $400 million?

Well, get this…

Because of how powerful the “next Bitcoin” is… 11 major banks around the world have already tested it out!

Wells Fargo, Barclays, BMO, Credit Suisse, Natixis, HSBC, TD Bank, RBS, UBS, Unicredit and the Commonwealth Bank of Australia have all given the “next Bitcoin” a try.

That’s massive!

These banks, altogether, are worth over $800 billion!

As a result, the price of “the next Bitcoin” jumped last year all the way from $0.95 to $8.

As Justin, a colleague of mine I showed “the Next Bitcoin” to said, “I've doubled my money in less than a week… My only regret is I didn’t buy more.”

But that’s just the start…

Another 31 banks, including JPMorgan, Bank of America, and Citibank are also looking into it.

“This is a very exciting development,” says David Rutter, the man in charge of the banking project.

As Fred Ehrsam, a former trader at Goldman Sachs, says:

“The “next Bitcoin” is ahead of Bitcoin in many ways and represents the bleeding edge of digital currency.”

You see, while Bitcoin has gained a large following, it has failed to make substantial inroads with major financial institutions like “the next Bitcoin” has.

But these banks aren’t the only ones gambling on “the next Bitcoin.”

Tech giants like IBM, Samsung, and Microsoft are also getting involved.

In fact, according to Marley Gray, Microsoft’s Director of Business Development, a big reason why companies are choosing “the next Bitcoin” is because its underlying technology is 40 times faster than Bitcoin.

40 times faster.

What does that mean?

Well, let’s use the example I mentioned earlier.

You walk into a bank to cash a check.

Three to five days later that check clears.

Why so long?

Well, it has to do with the current way our banking system is set up.

It’s essentially using “old plumbing.”

With cryptos, however, it doesn’t take nearly as long for money to clear.       

For Bitcoin, it takes 10 minutes.

But with the “next Bitcoin,” thanks to the proprietary technology it uses, the same transaction takes less than 15 seconds.

It’s almost instantaneous!

That’s why everyone is jumping all over this.

Speed is king. And for these billion-dollar companies, minutes matter.

In fact, even the $2 trillion Toronto Stock Exchange is looking into the “next Bitcoin.”

“It’s exciting,” says Anthony Di Iorio, the exchange’s Chief Digital Officer.

And my friend Tom, who I mentioned earlier, turned a $25,000 investment in Bitcoin into more than half-a-million, told me:

Teeka, you’ve got to buy this. This is the next Bitcoin.

But Tom and Anthony aren’t the only ones excited.

In fact, Google has been tracking “the next Bitcoin” for months now.

And, just recently, one of their algorithms indicated a major spike in the currency’s popularity.

I flew to Austin, Texas to find out what was going on.

Caterina Rindo, a top consultant in the digital currency space, was presenting at the SXSW (South by Southwest) conference.

Rindo told me there’s been a recent shift within the community away from Bitcoin and toward “the next Bitcoin.”

Switching Sides…

In fact, at a recent New York City “hackathon” (this is where many of the world’s best programmers compete on new technologies), 86% of programmers chose to work on “the next Bitcoin” over Bitcoin.

This is significant!

You see, a large part of a new technology’s success has to do with the early adapters and developers.

Take Apple.

The company wouldn’t be anywhere near where it is today if it hadn’t been for hordes of die-hard fans and developers—many of whom worked for free­­—who improved the technology over the years.

And the man behind “the Next Bitcoin,” like Steve Jobs, is quickly developing a “cult-like” following.

In fact, even though work on “the next Bitcoin” only started in late 2014, more than 134,981 individuals around the world have already signed up to attend local workshops to learn more about—and help support—this new currency!

A few months ago, when I looked, this number was less than 40,000!

Gaining momentum: As of March 22, 2017 over 134,000 people have signed on to help advance “the next Bitcoin.”

As a result of this… and a new announcement from Microsoft (which I’ll get to in a minute)… the price of “the next Bitcoin” has started to go parabolic…

On January 1st of last year, you could buy it for $0.95…

But now it’s shot up to $40, an increase of 3,163%!

That would have transformed a $200 stake into $8,421.

And $500 into $21,052.

As The Economist writes, this is "one of the world's hottest investments."

And Wall Street insiders have started to take notice:

In fact, as I mentioned earlier, Michael Novogratz, who managed $2.3 billion at Fortress Investing Group and lead their initial investment in Bitcoin, has just made a “significant” purchase in “the next Bitcoin.”

And Chris Dixon, a general partner at Andreessen Horowitz, a huge venture capital firm in Silicon Valley that invested early in Bitcoin, said:

It’s probably the most exciting thing that’s happened in the whole space in a couple of years.”

That’s why I rushed to get out this alert.

Because it’s still early days for “the next Bitcoin.”

It’s still dirt cheap right now, trading for less than 5% the current price of Bitcoin.

But that won’t last long…

With the major event that’s upon us (that I’ll discuss shortly), it wouldn’t surprise me at all to see the currency hit triple digits before the year is out… and eventually reach $1,000.

Too Late?

All right.

Now, given the recent price explosion, you might be wondering…

“Isn’t it already “too late” to buy the next Bitcoin?”

That’s a great question.

But just consider this:

Bitcoin was once trading for $40.

But now it’s over $1,000, a 25-fold increase…

And when Microsoft first went public back in 1986, its IPO price was actually $21, half what the “next Bitcoin” is trading for today.

Well, listen. Microsoft has split their shares multiple times since then, keeping the stock price down and accessible to most investors.

But, had they never split shares, the stock price today would be north of $10,000!


That’s enough to turn a simple $500 investment into $323,000!

So don’t let a “$40” price or this recent run-up fool you!

And, look…

It all comes down to this:

How many people today are even aware other cryptocurrencies beside Bitcoin even exist today?

Innovation Adoption Lifecycle

That’s a key difference…

  1. First, you have the innovators. These are the people (or the individual) who start the new technology.
  2. Then you have the early adopters
  3. Followed by the early majority…
  4. And the late majority.
  5. Finally, you have the “laggards,” the last group of people to adopt a particular technology.

When you stop and think about it, it makes sense, doesn’t it?

Consider Facebook.

In the beginning, only a handful of students at Harvard knew about it…

Then it moved to all the campus.

Then to all Ivy League schools.

Then all colleges in North America.

Before you knew it, it seemed like all the world was on Facebook.

Your friends.



And acquaintances.

As the company grew viral and more and more people discovered it, Facebook’s value exploded.

A similar type of thing happened to Bitcoin in 2013.

The “Media Effect”


Here’s an image  that illustrates the price of Bitcoin (in red) along with some key media articles that appeared about the currency… the black dots… from 2011 to 2013.

As you can see, as 2013 rolled around, it seemed like everyone was talking about Bitcoin.








The Washington Post…

And that’s just a small sample!

As the pace of these articles increased, awareness about this new “cryptocurrency” emerged.

And Bitcoin experienced a similar phenomenon as Facebook:

Its price blew up.

On January 1, 2013, you could buy a single Bitcoin for $13.

But as it went “viral,” Bitcoin’s price sprinted past $1,157, a rare 8,526% gain.

As a result, a slew of new millionaires popped up.

The “Bitcoin Porsche”

“It’s a bit surreal,” wrote Robert S., one of the new self-described “Bitcoin Millionaires.”

“I have used a small portion of my holdings to buy a small house,” writes another one.

And, according to Business Insider, another man was able to parlay a “starting stake” of $1,200 in Bitcoin into a $39,000 Porsche!

Now, a similar “media effect” is starting to mint a new class of millionaires with “the next Bitcoin” …


You see, just like its predecessor in early 2013, “the next Bitcoin” is currently trading for under $50.

And—just like Bitcoin—major news outlets are starting to pick up on the story.

In fact, on June 20th of last year, the Wall Street Journal wrote an article about “the next Bitcoin,” stating:

“Bitcoin rival… gains traction.”

That was followed by several other articles by the Journal, including one on February 28th earlier this year that announced a groundbreaking new alliance between Microsoft and “the next Bitcoin” (more on this later).  

The New York Times has also written about “the Next Bitcoin” (although they coined it “Bitcoin 2.0”).

CNBC followed their lead four days later...

Fortune has also spilled some ink.

As has Fast Company, The Economist, Wired, Forbes, Fox Business and several others.

That’s why Greg, Tim, and David, three researchers who helped me uncover this story, all rushed to get in on “the next Bitcoin.”

Greg was the first one to test it out with a small $100 “starting stake.”

Tim, who regretted not buying Bitcoin when he first heard about it years ago, was planning a $500 purchase.

And David, who was initially skeptical, invested more than $1,200 a short while ago.

He tells me what changed his mind was talking to his friend in Silicon Valley…

His friend—who has a Ph.D. in Physics and currently works for a startup that got acquired last year for over $300 million—had just only heard about “the next Bitcoin” a week before.

And he, too, was getting ready to buy it…

As David told me, “Who knows? If these guys are just starting to invest, this could be my one chance to get rich.”

A Key Difference…

Now, I can’t tell whether or not David will get rich (although he’s already doubled his money).

But he does bring up an interesting point.

And that is:

That, normally, Silicon Valley insiders have a huge advantage when it comes to investing in new technologies like this.

You see, fact is, unless you’re a big-name venture capitalist, you’re pretty much closed off to early tech investments.

The only chance the “little guy” has is to invest once a company goes public—after all the upside has been squeezed out.

Take Facebook again.

From the time it went public to today, your money would have gone up 250%.

Not bad.

Until you consider this:

Remember Peter Thiel, the Paypal billionaire we talked about before?

He turned an initial investment of $500,000 in Facebook into more than $1 billion!

That’s a 2000-to-1 return!

Even if you’d just invested $500, you’d still have made out like a bandit, collecting a cool million dollars.

That’s enough for many folks to retire on.

But, of course, you weren’t offered that opportunity.

That’s because the Securities Exchange Commission prevents most people from buying into companies that “haven’t gone public” yet.

Or take another example.


This company has totally changed the taxi industry.

In India, unions went on strike.

In Boston, they tried to ban it.

But despite all this opposition, Uber rides on. And it’s now worth a reported $66 billion!

It’s an amazing story.

And one that many wish they could invest in.

But sadly, again, they can’t.

That’s why “the next Bitcoin” is so exciting…

You see, even though “the next Bitcoin” is a groundbreaking new technology (remember, that’s why Microsoft, IBM, Samsung and all the big banks are all falling over themselves to get involved…)

Because we’re investing in a type of “currency” and NOT a stock… you can invest right along all the top dogs in Silicon Valley” and on Wall Street!

In other words, and this is important:

While the average investor has to contend himself with low- to no-yield options such as bonds, bank accounts and “post-IPO” public stocks…

With “the next Bitcoin,” you have the opportunity to get “pre-IPO” type gains—without having to be an accredited investor!

This is an unheralded opportunity!

So, you’re probably wondering…

Just how high can the “next Bitcoin” go?


Well, unfortunately, since cryptocurrencies didn’t exist before 2009, they’re tough to evaluate…

You see, although there are 754 different digital currencies in the world as of today, most are worthless.

“The next Bitcoin,” on the other hand, is already worth over $3.5 billion—that’s more than the total GDP of 31 different countries!

Together, Bitcoin and “the next Bitcoin” own over 90% of the digital currency space.

They’re in a class of their own.

That’s why the best predictor for the price of “the next Bitcoin” is looking at (the old) Bitcoin.

Here’s what that could look like…

For example, if “the next Bitcoin” matches Bitcoin’s current price of around $1,200, that would be enough to turn $200 into roughly $6,000… and transform a $500 stake into $15,000.

That would multiply your cash 30 times over!

It’s enough to make anyone start dreaming.

Now, of course, nobody holds a crystal ball.

And there’s going to be risk in any sort of groundbreaking disruptor like “the next Bitcoin.”

However, we do know this…

“The next Bitcoin” is primed to take big chunks out of big markets.

For example, consider the recent report from global consulting firm Deloitte.

They estimate payments made with digital payment systems like “the next Bitcoin” could rival the $26 trillion “payment processing” market of the Automated Clearing House by 2025.

(The ACH is a financial network that processes mortgage loans, insurance premiums and other payments.)

Even if “the next Bitcoin” captures just 1% of that volume, it would be enough to increase its circulation by 5,513%.

In fact, according to Deloitte, the technology behind “the next Bitcoin” is “possibly the most disruptive of all”!

But while no one can predict the exact top, we know once a cryptocurrency’s price starts moving, things happen very fast…

Look, here’s what I mean…

“I Quit”

Back in February 2013, a man (who preferred to remain anonymous but I’ll call Bill) started chronicling his “Bitcoin journey” online.

“I am not a wealthy man,” Bill said.

“I am actually quite poor and have a lot of student loan debt.”

But despite this, Bill had good credit.

So he applied for—and received—over $30,000 in credit cards.

He then proceeded to invest the entire amount in Bitcoin!

At the time, Bitcoin was trading between $14 and $25.

Then, on April 9th, less than 2 months after his first purchase, Bitcoin soared to $195…

So here’s what Bill did:

He took out his initial $30,000 stake, paid off his student loans, and let his profits ride…

The Bitcoin “New Rich” Share Their Tales…

“I’ve cashed out at $130K”
  — Jeremy P.

“When Bitcoin passed $105, yes I became a Bitcoin millionaire”
  — Lee W.

“Invested back when Bitcoin was at $15. Already seen my investment appreciate 700%”
  — Hillary C.

“I hold just under $10 million in BTC (Bitcoin)”
  — Jake F.

“I found out today I’m a Bitcoin millionaire!”
  — Jake F.

“I'm at a solid 1.4 mill... This is the gold rush of our time and those who are doubting will be left in the dust!”
  — Paul C.

“Thank you Bitcoin! You changed my life”
  — Albert B.

Source: Reddit

Then, a month later, he quit his job.

In December, Bill wrote he’d sold some coins for “between $1,000 and $1,130”—nearly 100 times his initial investment!

All of this happened in less than 10 months.

Like I said, these things happen fast.

All it takes is a trigger.

It doesn’t have to be much.

For Bitcoin, it was Cyprus, the small Mediterranean country that confiscated almost half its citizens’ wealth back in 2013.

Now, even though most people had never heard of this country before, that was enough.

Today, the world is still as (if not more) messed up as ever.

There’s threat of the EU breaking up, and dozens of countries face debt crises.

Who will be the next Cyprus?

That’s why it’s not too hard to imagine what could ignite “the next Bitcoin” soon…

Trigger #1

The first potential trigger is the “war on cash.”

Right now, countries around the world are limiting how much cash you can use to (legally) buy things.

Some countries even want to ban cash altogether!

Sweden, Norway and England have all tabled plans to do that.

And, late last November, India’s Prime Minister did just that, banning 86% of the country’s currency overnight!

Now, the reason these nations want to ban cash is clear:

Less cash means more tax revenue.

The IRS, for example, estimates it would earn an extra $450 billion in taxes if cash were removed!

Now, can you imagine what would happen to “the next Bitcoin” if a country like England goes through with their plan?

It would go through the roof!

England’s population is 50 times bigger than Cyprus!

Trigger #2

The second potential trigger is negative interest rates.

I’m guessing you’ve heard of this before.

It’s all the rage these days with central bankers who can’t stop trying to “stimulate” the economy.

Here’s how this scam works:

Let’s say you’ve got $10,000 in savings sitting in a bank.

Twenty years ago, you might have made 5% to 6% on that money.

Now you get nothing.

But just wait ‘til tomorrow!

You might have to pay for the privilege of keeping your money in a bank!

In fact, according to JPMorgan, interest rates could reach minus 4.5%!

That means you’d have to pay $450 (each year) just to keep your $10K in the bank!

This is insane.

Negative interest rates cause safes to sell out in Japan

Sounds like science fiction, only it’s not...

According to the Financial Times, there is already more than $13.4 TRILLION in savings right now that have to pay these bogus negative interest rates.

The European Central Bank, for example, has already set its interest rate at -0.4%.

And Denmark, Switzerland and Japan have all implemented negative rates, too.

In fact, when the Bank of Japan announced a negative interest rate of just -0.1% last year, sales of safes went through the roof!

The Wall Street Journal reports a $700 model completely sold out in one Tokyo store!

What happens when Japan sets their rates to -1%... -2%... or even lower?

That could be part of the reason “the next Bitcoin’s” price has surged of late…

Trigger #3

(America is Not Safe, Either…)

Next up is America.

Now, as we’ve seen, nothing needs to happen in the U.S. for “the next Bitcoin’s” price to skyrocket.

And it’s already starting to go up in spades… right now.

And yet, it’s important to realize America is not exempt from all the craziness going on.

Take Larry Summers, for example.

I attended a meeting with the former U.S. Secretary of the Treasury.

He’s publicly stated we should ban the $100 bill.

Can you imagine?

And, thanks to law R.S. 37:1866, it’s already illegal to make certain cash purchases in Louisiana!

Even Janet Yellen is on record saying negative interest rates could be “on the table” for the Federal Reserve.

Now, yes, Yellen did raise rates lately. But just barely.

But what I’m getting at is this:

As Americans, we value our freedom more than anyone else.

What would happen if our current administration decides… maybe all in the name of clamping down on illegals getting paid under the table… to ban currency like they did in India?

Or what if we have to start paying banks a negative interest rate of 2-3% to keep our money?

“The next Bitcoin’s” price is already soaring… and that’s with no major catalyst!

Add anything else and it could be a moonshot we’ll all remember.

10-to-1… even 100-to-1 or more gains!

Look, it’s like ex-Congressman and libertarian kingpin Ron Paul said:

Digital currencies are “commodities that offer better value than what the Fed is printing.”

Now, I understand if you think this all sounds crazy.

But just remember:

Gold was actually banned in America from 1934 to 1975!

That’s 41 years!

They say history doesn’t repeat but it often does rhyme.

Action Plan

For all these reasons, I believe it’s important to take action today.

We can’t change what our crazy governments are doing.

But we can change what we’re doing to protect ourselves and profit.

Look, the simple fact is:

More and more people are moving their money outside of traditional currencies.

A Real Guiding Light

“Teeka’s articles are a real guiding light in the insane world of investing.

I have earned money with all of Teeka's investment advice. Teeka keep up you great work, I need your help!”

—Harry Rowe

Naturally, some of this money is finding its way into gold and silver.

(And, yes, I recommend you hold a part of your money here too.)

But a surprisingly large part of the “currency exodus”—over $21 billion, to be exact—is finding its way into cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and “the next Bitcoin.”

As Currency Wars author Jim Rickards says, people “are looking for alternatives.”

And, as CNBC notes, they’re now considered "a safe haven asset much like gold.”

With “the next Bitcoin,” remember:

That’s why Bitcoin soared.

And it’s why “the next Bitcoin” is now taking off and why I believe it will soon hand investors life-changing gains.

The Biggest Trigger of All?

But, for all these triggers, I haven’t mentioned the one event that could propel “the next Bitcoin” to stratospheric heights…

Have you heard of the DTCC?

Most people haven’t.

However, this is arguably the single most powerful financial body in the entire world.

DTCC stands for the Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation.

The DTCC, as its name implies, clears trades.

And I’m talking a LOT of trades.

In fact, according to Forbes, the DTCC settles nearly 100 million trades per day and about $1.5 quadrillion each year.

Now, to put that in perspective, the Federal Reserve has trillions in assets on the entirety of its books.

But the DTCC moves that amount of money every single day!

Well, get this…

Earlier this year, the DTCC announced it would start replacing its databases with the technology behind cryptocurrencies like the “next Bitcoin”!

This could be a monster booster shot! And it could happen as early as January 1, 2018.

“A class of your own”

“I currently take a couple of dozen financial newsletters a month. You are in a class of your own…

Thank you so very much for your excellent newsletter each month. I have already made much more than my subcription fee on your stock suggestions.”

—Dan S.

But that’s not all.

Other developments are happening as well that will make you want to get a position in “the next Bitcoin” as soon as you can…

You see, according to a report from the World Economic Forum, four out of every five banks in the world expects to be using next Bitcoin-like technology by next year.

Not 5, 10, or 20 years in the future…

Next year!

“The future is here, it’s happening right now,” writes one reporter.

That’s why I strongly urge you buy some next Bitcoin NOW…

It’s already starting to climb, but you want to get in before it climbs to Bitcoin-like heights.

And, if that weren’t enough, there’s also this…

Earlier, I told you that Microsoft had just announced a new partnership with “the next Bitcoin.”

Well, here’s the scoop:

Last year, Microsoft decided to let over 3 million of their developers work on “the next Bitcoin” through their Windows platform.

This was a massive move…

By one measure, that’s over 19 times the number of developers working on Bitcoin!

As one “next Bitcoin” enthusiast noted, “I am beginning to doubt how Bitcoin will manage to stay ahead.”

But now, on February 28th earlier this year, Microsoft announced a new and even bigger partnership…

Microsoft will now be joined by 29 other large companies to support the “next Bitcoin”!

I’m talking about giants like Intel, ING, BP, Accenture, and UBS.

As a result, “the Next Bitcoin” is starting to break out!

Since this groundbreaking announcement has been made, the price of the “next Bitcoin” has already shot up 160%!

“We see significant potential,” says Amy Hood, Microsoft’s Executive Vice President.

So here’s what you need to do:

I’m issuing a strong “buy” recommendation for “the next Bitcoin.”

Now, because this currency is newer, I should warn you, it’s not as easy to buy as a stock.

(But that’s also part of the reason its price hasn’t reached Bitcoin-like levels too.)

A lot of the information out there right now is, quite frankly, very confusing.

That’s why my staff of researchers and I have been investigating this currency for over a year now.

Well, we’ve just put out what I believe is the most comprehensive training package on how to easily and safely buy “the next Bitcoin”… as well as maximize your profits.

We call this The Roadmap to Crypto Riches and there’s not anything like it out there.

The first part of your roadmap is our special Cryptocurrency Quick-Start Guide.

This is an easy-to-read guide that shows you (with the help of screenshots anyone can understand) the #1 best way to buy the “next Bitcoin”—straight from your home computer.

With this method, you could literally have your starting stake of the “next Bitcoin” in your hands in as little as 15 minutes.

There are just a couple simple steps to take, and we’ll show you how to do it.

On top of that, we’ll also share with you

You see, here’s the thing…

The Most Important Investing Concept Most People Don’t Know…

There’s a very important concept most investors don’t know.

It’s the “high probability” concept I briefly talked about earlier.

You see, the technical name for this concept is called “asymmetry.”

And “asymmetry” can let you receive outsized-type gains without taking on huge risks.

Now, I know that sounds counterintuitive…

And it is…

But elite hedge fund managers and big names in Silicon Valley use this technique all the time.

(In fact, this is the same secret I used 15 years ago to bring Apple to the attention of my hedge fund clients… before it shot up by an incredible 50 times…)

Well, here’s the thing:

In all my 25+ years in the professional investing world, “the next Bitcoin” is (by far) the best example of an asymmetric bet I’ve ever found…

You see, it’s all about risk and reward.

Look at the chart below.

It shows the potential outcomes of a small $500 investment in “the next Bitcoin.”

What’s the downside?

Well, let’s say, for example, Microsoft, IBM, Samsung, 41 big banks and several big venture capitalists are all 100% dead wrong on “the next Bitcoin.”

What’s the worst that can happen?

Well, the “next Bitcoin” plunges all the way down to zero. And your 500 bucks has gone to money heaven.


But still, it’s a loss that we can handle.

What if, on the other hand, all these smart folks are right?

Well, then, let’s not even assume “the next Bitcoin” does better than Bitcoin (which seems very possible given all the backing it has and the quadrillion-dollar-market it’s about to disrupt…)

Let’s just say, instead, that it simply matches what Bitcoin has done in the past…

Well, in that case, a $500 “starting stake” in the “next Bitcoin” transforms into $15,875… a life-changing gain of 3,075%!

But what if it doesn’t do nearly as well?

What if it only does 10% as well as Bitcoin…

Well, in this case, you’ve still managed to triple your money… turning $500 into $1,587.

That’s why I love this strategy.

You almost can’t lose.

Do you see how powerful this is?

It’s how fund manager Kyle Bass, for example, made 650 times his money betting on Greece a few years ago…

And how Peter Thiel made 2,000 times his money on Facebook.

Compare that to how most people invest.

They’ll put 100% of their money in mutual funds, ETFs and stocks that are way too big to make big moves…

You’d need at least $150K (not $500) to score a $15K gain using traditional investments… 

Now, of course, the key here is position size.

Don’t bet the farm.

That way, if you’re wrong, you haven’t lost much.

But you’ll get lottery-like returns if you’re right.

Now, I believe the “next Bitcoin” is the best asymmetric bet out there today.

And it is, by far, my #1 recommendation for you today.

But it’s not the only cryptocurrency that can offer you life-changing gains over the course of the next year or two…

Three Other Cryptos to Add to Your Portfolio Right Away

As I’ve already stated, there are 700-plus different cryptos out there today.

Most are junk.

But a few are diamonds in the rough.

I’ve put them all together in a special report I call The Most Explosive Crypto Plays for 2017.

The first one that’s in there (besides the “next Bitcoin,” of course) is the original Bitcoin itself.

Now, this might come as a shock…

But the simple fact is, Bitcoin is still the most well-known of the cryptocurrencies.

It’s almost like the “reserve currency” of the cryptocurrency world, if you will.

And even though Bitcoin is big, it still rallied 126% last year.

Some analysts even suggest it could go all the way to $44,000!

Now, I don’t know if it will go that high, but Bitcoin is getting more and more acceptance worldwide.

In fact, according to a recent study performed in the U.K., 33% of companies surveyed were, and I quote, “stockpiling Bitcoin”!

Even the Federal Reserve sees Bitcoin as competition…

It’s true.

A paper released by the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia admitted Bitcoin could “compete” with fiat currencies like the U.S. dollar.

And now, with the many positive tailwinds we saw coming in the crypto space… all the backing from the financial sector… all the big Fortune 500s getting involved… MIT… President Trump’s new cybersecurity appointment… the DTCC changing over to crypto tech… Bitcoin could easily double again in the next year.

Just think:

The total amount of money invested in Bitcoin today is just $20 billion.

Now, that may sound like a lot but, in the grand scheme of things, it’s nothing.

In fact, right now, the entire cryptocurrency market still represents just 0.005% of the global currency market!

Even if it reached just 1% penetration, that would cause the cryptocurrency market to grow 19,444%.

That turns $500 into $97,220.

Or, consider this…

What about gold?

According to the World Gold Council, the over-the-counter gold market trades between $150 billion and $240 billion a day—that’s 10 times more than the total Bitcoin market… and that gets traded every single day!

In fact, the entire gold market is worth an estimated $7 trillion.

Bitcoin could go up 1,000% and there’d still be 35 times more money invested in gold.

So, in other words…

Bitcoin still has a long, long way to go…

In The Most Explosive Crypto Plays for 2017, I’ll reveal how much Bitcoin I think you should buy, and the best way to do it.

I’ll also reveal the names of two other, lesser-known, more speculative plays.

Now, because these two cryptos are riskier and so tiny—one, for example, has a market cap that’s just 10% of “the next Bitcoin,” while the other has a market cap that’s only 1% and trades for mere pennies!... I’ve kept all the details inside the special report.

I’ve done this because I don’t want you to rush off and buy tiny cryptos now.

I want to make sure you understand the risks involved with these two currencies.


…If you’ve got a few hundred dollars to spare for a flyer on a couple potential “moonshot” investments… these have the potential to return 100-to-1, transforming a small $200 stake into $20,000!

One Last Thing

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Alright, so let’s get started!

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Parting Note

All right, friend, it’s time to go.

But before I leave, I just want to share one last story with you.

You see, after I’d moved to Manhattan for a couple years, I was starting to understand the concept of “asymmetric bets” more clearly…

Two companies stood out to me at the time: Oracle and Microsoft.

I bought shares of each for my retirement account.

However, not long after there was some kind of back office “snafu,” and both stocks were mistakenly sold out of my account.

By the time I was told about this, the stocks had risen slightly.

I kept telling myself I'd buy them back later...

But, of course, I never did.

Now this was all the way back in 1991.

And since then, Microsoft has gone from a split-adjusted price of $1.30 to $55…

And Oracle has risen from a split-adjusted price of $0.20 to $40—a monster 20,000% gain I missed out on.

I’d put $1,000 into each of these companies. This two grand would now be worth $242,306.

That was a painful mistake to make…

Now, the moral of the story should be pretty obvious:

The only way to profit from an opportunity is to act on it.

I understand we’re all busy.

And there’s “always tomorrow.”

But, sadly, winning investments wait for no one.

Don’t let the mainstream media convince you 9.5% gains are all you can expect.

Don’t let the rich keep getting richer while you stand aside and do nothing.


Right now, “the next Bitcoin” is like a stack of dynamite ready to explode.

41 banks are considering it.

IBM, Samsung and Microsoft have already started supporting it (with Microsoft giving the green light to 3,000,000 developers to work on it and 29 more companies now on board).

And Wall Street, Silicon Valley and the media are just NOW starting to pick up on this story…

The price is already starting to rise.

So the fuse has been lit.

How long before it really explodes?

Don’t delay.

This could be your “Microsoft” if you act now.

I don’t want you to make the same quarter-million-dollar mistake I did.

Why not put at least a small amount of money in play? Even if it’s just $100?

Would you risk $100 to make $3,000?

I certainly would.

Especially if the odds were squarely in my favor.

All the details on how to get started are in the Roadmap to Crypto Riches, which you’ll receive as a free complement when you try out The Palm Beach Letter.

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All right, friend, it’s been a real pleasure.

I’m excited to share this opportunity with you. And look forward to seeing you on the other side.

Take care now.

Teeka Tiwari
Editor, Palm Beach Letter


P.S. Still here?

Look, I don’t want you to feel like I’m pressuring you but you may feel like “doing nothing” is a viable option right now. Like you can simply “bookmark” this page and come back to it later.

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That’s why I’m removing ALL the risk from you and placing it squarely on me. If I deliver, you’ll come out ahead. And even if I don’t deliver, you’re still covered so your downside is greatly limited just like in those asymmetric trades I spoke to you about earlier.

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In other words: don’t do nothing. I’d much rather you subscribe risk-free below, but if, for whatever reason, you don’t, the worst thing you could do is to do nothing.