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My Secret Weapon for Income at Will

“There may not be any holy grail of investment strategies, but this has to be the closest thing to it!”—paid-up Subscriber Steven L.

Hi, my name is Tom Dyson.Tom Dyson, Portrait

If you’ll give me just a couple minutes of your time, I’ll share with you the secret I use to create safe, consistent, low-risk investment income. A secret Wall Street brokerages, high-net-worth investors, and the wealthy elite use to generate income at will from the markets.

You see, I spent my last 15 years in the financial industry playing a very different game from most investors.

During my time in London at the trading desks of Citigroup and then Salomon Brothers, I discovered and then perfected a low-risk investment strategy that produces a steady stream of income—regardless of what the economy, central banks, and financial markets are doing.

This secret kept me safe during two major financial meltdowns during my work as an investment analyst, manager, and advisor.

The heart of this strategy is not new. Big banks and brokerages as well as super wealthy individuals have been using it to produce large, stable streams of income for decades.

The traders I worked with used it all the time. They loved it because it produced “low-risk” nearly “automatic” cash. It was (and is) the preferred income-producing strategy for these financial elites. A way of gaming the system.

One billionaire investor used a version of this strategy to make a small fortune in railroads as the markets were crashing in 2008. By some estimates he benefited to the tune of $20 million.

Even Jim Rogers, the legendary centimillionaire who ran the Quantum Fund with George Soros in the 1980s, has admitted to using another version of this strategy.

Safe and Steady Cash Flow

But before I go on, I must warn you, this strategy isn’t meant for everyone. But when done right, it can generate investment income with lower risk than speculating on stocks or high-yield bonds. And it works regardless of what type of market we are in... up, down, sideways—it really doesn’t matter.

This strategy (what we call The Palm Beach Income strategy) shows you how to make safe, steady cash flow month after month. Even in difficult market conditions. Without putting your nest egg at risk.

How Does It Work?

Imagine a beautiful mansion located right on the beach. It’s listed for $1 million, except you don’t want to pay $1 million. You want to pay only $750,000.

You know that $750,000 is an extraordinary price for this mansion. And you have the cash in your bank to pay for it.

You approach the owner and say, “I’d like to buy your home for $750,000.”

The owner replies, “Thank you, but my asking price is $1 million. But I’ll keep your offer in mind... if I change my mind, I’ll let you know.”

Then the owner does something that surprises you. He hands you a check for $5,000.

All you have to do is promise to buy his house for $750,000 anytime in the next month if the owner wants to sell it for that price.

Why would he do this?

Because it’s a good deal for both of you. The homeowner gets a month to search for a buyer willing to pay more. But he has the assurance of you paying $750,000 if no other offers materialize.

If the owner doesn’t sell you the house, you get $5,000... free and clear. But if he does sell you the house, you get exactly what you wanted in the first place.

Actually, it’s better than what you wanted. You’ll pay $750,000 and keep the $5,000 he gave you as part of the agreement. That means you’ll buy this new, beautiful home for only $745,000.

What I’ve just described is the essence of the Palm Beach Income strategy.

Get Paid to Make Offers
on Stocks You’d Like to Own

We make use of a trading tool a lot of big-time investors use to protect and hedge large portfolios against loss should the market turn against them. An investment tool called options.

Yes, I know, most options strategies are inherently risky.

And the reality is, most individual options investors lose money. Because they use options precisely the wrong way. The way most gamblers uses the craps table. Taking big risks and hoping for big rewards.

And much like the odds in a casino, a Chicago Mercantile Exchange study has shown that over a three-year period, investors who used options to try and bag big gains lost, on average, 76% of the time.

In other words, for every four bets they placed, three were losers.

But we’re putting ourselves on the other side of the table.

By that, I mean we’re investing alongside major Wall Street Institutions. We’re taking the bet instead of laying it down...

For Centuries, in-the-Know Bankers and
the Ultra-Wealthy Have Exploited This Secret...

80% of the money made with this type of strategy flows to banks and large brokerage houses. It’s how the “house” is able to make money day in and day out.

What we’re doing is tapping into the income stream of Wall Street itself. The money we make doesn’t actually come from the companies we are trading. It comes from investors making foolish bets. We pick up what the gamblers lose... over and over again... just like the casino.

You see, contrary to popular belief, taking more risk is a fool’s game. The true way to build wealth is to invest like a casino operator—betting against the people who take the big risks.

Why in the world would you ever put yourself on the gambler’s side of the table when you can just as easily stand on the other side—the side of the casino owners scooping up all those bets the losers make?!

“It’s the safest way to play options,” says Hillel Berlin, a certified public accountant who has been doubling his income in some cases by using these strategies.

And according to Steven Savage, managing partner at a $6.8 billion asset management firm in California:

“In a low-return, high-volatility environment, these strategies can boost returns and lower risk. There is no such thing as a free lunch, but in this case all the lunch costs is a little initiative.”

Financial journalist Jeff Opdyke writes, these strategies “generate income and can juice returns in any market.”

That’s what the Palm Beach Income strategy is all about. Generating safe, steady cash flow without putting your nest egg at risk.

How You’ll Make Money in Any Market

As you well know, right now there’s plenty of uncertainty in the world. Unemployment is high. Companies are laying off thousands of workers. Gold goes up and down. Inflation looms. And the list goes on...

These sound like frightening developments. And if you’ve ever been jobless, worried about losing your home, or down on your luck, then you’d probably agree.

But for our purposes, they’re not bad at all. They’re actually fantastic.

Here’s why:

The more uncertainty there is in the world, the more investors want to buy options.

After all, buying options gives you the right to buy or sell shares at a locked-in price. Like buying insurance on your portfolio.

And the more uncertain people are about the future, the more they want to buy this type of insurance and the higher options prices will go. Of course that’s basic supply and demand.

For buyers of options, that’s not a good thing. Because it means they have to pay more for every bet they make.

But for sellers (that’s us!), it means you have the opportunity to collect MORE income upfront.

Since our Palm Beach Income strategy involves selling options (not buying them), this is truly a great thing.


Because you have the opportunity to collect MORE income than ever before.

More Than $9,000 in Just 3 Months

I taught my both father and Mark Ford how to use this powerful strategy (and I’ll teach you too, if you’d like).

One lady I know is now using this strategy to help pay for her father’s Alzheimer’s treatment. She says she’s made more than $9,000 in just three months.

We also received an email from an airline pilot named Brian. Even though he travels for work, he’s able to follow the recommendations from his hotel room. He tells us he’s made $83,000 in his “down time.”

And John, a retiree, told us he made $4,100 during the first 30 days he put this to work.

Of course, not everyone will make that kind of money. How much income you earn depends partly on how much you can invest (bigger investments produce bigger returns, but the percentage return will be the same).

But the returns add up. And they are not isolated incidents.

Let me give you a quick review of some of the income you could have enjoyed had you subscribed to Palm Beach Income when we began in January 2012:

  • $520 from Disney

  • $290 from Procter & Gamble

  • $300 from GlaxoSmithKline

  • $400 from Carnival

  • $970 from American Express

  • $1,150 from ConocoPhillips

  • $750 from Microsoft

  • $570 from Archer Daniels Midland

  • $870 from Google

  • $460 from Cisco

  • $400 from H&R Block

  • $610 from CVS.

It’s easy to cherry-pick winners if you make hundreds of recommendations. But Palm Beach Income’s track record, from beginning to end, is nearly unblemished. In fact, we recently celebrated 91 “full-cycle” winners in a row.

And that’s the amazing thing about this strategy. So long as you have a moderately funded trading account, this strategy has the potential to supply you with a five and six figure income year in and year out until the day you die.

One trading expert I know told me he routinely saw profits of 100% during the 2008 crash. This, while everyone else around was getting killed in the markets! That’s the power of this strategy when it’s properly executed.

97.8% Winning Track-Record

The basic strategy of Palm Beach Income, as I mentioned above, is the safest way to use options. Studies show that 83% of options expire worthless. That means you can win, on average, 83% of the time just by selling options instead of buying them. (I’ll explain how that works in a moment.)

But Palm Beach Income has an even better track record than that. And it’s all because of a series of unique and effective requirements that we use to select and set up our trades.

In a nutshell, we only look at the safest companies in the world, and wait until they are priced attractively. Sometimes that means waiting until they are off a recent high...

Other times, we’ll find bargains due to a temporary—and fixable—problem that’s been in the news.

And before we even consider recommending a trade, it goes through our rigorous six-point evaluation scale.

This is why our track record is 97.8% rather than 83%—a full 14 points higher than “average.”

So it shouldn’t be surprising that, since we began this service, subscribers have been telling us how happy they are with what we are doing.

A subscriber named Todd said that he made $13,355 in two months.

Another gentleman, George, sent in this nice note:

“I tried options trading before, and it was a crap-shoot... I lost money on most all trades. It wasn’t until I started with the Palm Beach Income strategy that I haven’t lost money using options.”

We’ve completely dedicated ourselves to making sure you learn how to generate income the “Palm Beach” way. For starters, there will be no “do-it-yourself” garbage.

Instead, we’re going to explain every single detail ourselves.

How are we doing this exactly?

We’re utilizing a “webinar” technology, which lets you watch us present each lesson via the Internet. We’ll show you real simulations of the Palm Beach Income strategy in action.

We’ll show you a sample form we procured from a brokerage house (every firm has its own version). This form is simply a formality, but sadly, most folks don’t know about them. So they remain stuck on the sidelines while professionals and smart investors continue to play the game and rake in income.

Bottom line, this is not another newsletter that simply sends you picks every month that you really don’t understand... and therefore can’t control. We believe in knowledge and control—these are the two primary needs of successful wealth generation. So we designed Palm Beach Income to teach you to understand the strategies we cover inside and out so you can control your positions and safeguard your wealth. We call this our “Autonomy Principle”—to be truly empowered, sovereign, and in charge of your wealth we believe you need to know why something works—not just the “what” and “how” of it.

Second, we don’t recommend making trades on any old stock that might work... we focus only on certain stocks that pass our stringent tests—all devised to give you extra safety.

Third... and as I’ve mentioned... we are completely committed to helping you become wealthy... and want all of our subscribers to be satisfied with the research and ideas they’re receiving.

As you begin nailing down some of the basics, we’ll start giving you real recommendations on ways to use our strategy right now, to start potentially collecting an extra $100-1,000 each week.

I truly believe you will walk away from our three-week course with a better command of these concepts and a solid understanding of this investment approach. We won’t leave you in the dark.

Once you accept our invitation and sign up through this special offer, I’ll email you the details on how to watch our first webinar.

It’s important that you watch all six, and in the correct sequence. These were specially designed to teach you our key concepts and systematically build you up to the point where you can use our Palm Beach Income strategy on your own. So please watch them all and in the order they’re prescribed.

We suggest you watch two lessons a week... with the goal of having every new reader up to speed after just three weeks.

Here’s the Deal

Imagine if someone came to you and said, “give me four hours of your time and I’ll show you how you can generate tens of thousands in income this year—and every year going forward...”

Without having to buy any special equipment...

Without having to leave your house...

Without having to spend hours doing research or any other kind of painstaking work...

Income you can use for anything you want... and can collect at your own discretion.

That’s what you have in your hands right now.

As I mentioned earlier, Palm Beach Income is not your run-of-the-mill newsletter that simply fires off trading recommendations and sends you on your way.

In addition to the recommended plays we find and send to you as part of this service, we aim to teach you how the strategy works.

Our logic here is simple...

We could sell you a newsletter where we merely deliver our picks... get you to renew every year so you can keep seeing them...

Or we could send you our picks AND explain, in detail, the inner workings of this very powerful strategy so you can learn how to find the very picks we find.

In other words, we not only want to share our recommendations with you...

We want you to understand the Palm Beach Income strategy, step by step, concept by concept, detail by detail.... We want you to know everything you need to know about our strategy to potentially generate thousands of extra dollars in low-risk income year after year.

So, how much is a subscription to Palm Beach Income?

As you probably guessed, it’s not cheap. For some, it’ll be too expensive.

If that’s you, that’s okay. Mark and I—along with several of our trusted colleagues—offer other financial research advisories that may be more appropriate for your situation.

Not for Everyone

We’ve invested more than 1,000 man-hours in the creation of this unique program... and continue to invest at least as much each year as we give you our best ideas on how to use our Palm Beach Income strategy to generate new revenue.

When used correctly, it can generate investment income with lower risk than speculating on stocks or high-yield bonds. And it works regardless of what the market is doing... up, down, sideways—it really doesn’t matter. You’ll see how to make safe, steady cash month after month. Without putting your nest egg at risk.

Mark and I set out to create an experience unlike any we’d ever seen or tested on our own. (And between the two of us, we’ve seen pretty much every financial advisory, newsletter, and service ever published in the past 30 years.)

Because of that, we’re charging what may be for some folks a lot of money:

For starters, there are real liquidity concerns with the transactions we’ll be recommending in Palm Beach Income. We need to do our best to make sure these opportunities remain available to all subscribers. If too many people pile in at once, that just won’t happen. Prices will fluctuate... and windows of opportunity will close. Of course, there’s no way for us to ensure all readers will have an opportunity to get on each and every recommended play. For that reason, we must keep the price fairly high to limit the number of subscribers.

Second, if you’re the right person, we believe Palm Beach Income research is worth a lot more than we ask. There are similar services out there. Some of them are pretty good. But I’m quite positive you won’t find our particular strategy anywhere else—and you certainly won’t find another research service that puts as much effort into teaching and breaking down the concepts the way we do, while also making investment recommendations on a weekly basis.

Finally, this program is not for everyone. As I mentioned, we recommend subscribers have at least $25,000 set aside to use on this strategy. We can’t regulate what people choose to do with their money. But if you don’t have at least a moderately funded investment account, I can’t in good conscience recommend this strategy for you just yet.

The amount to get started with Palm Beach Income is $3,000.

But because you are a new subscriber to our work, I’m making you a special offer.

As I said, Palm Beach Income is normally $3,000 per year.

But for the next few days, I’ll double the value.

Instead of paying $3,000 for a one-year subscription, I’ll give you a full two years of service for the same price.

That works out to an investment of just $1,500 per year. A full 50% savings off the regular rate.

But please promise me one thing: You will NOT share this offer with other subscribers. This is a deal reserved exclusively for you—because you’re a new subscriber.

To make it as easy as possible for you to try it without feeling any pressure or obligation, I’m also offering to double our usual trial period...

When you accept this offer today you will have a full 6 months to test out the Palm Beach Income strategy for yourself.

Watch all the training videos, benefit from the weekly trade recommendations, and even do some trades (real or on paper). If you don’t see an opportunity to recover your subscription price in that time—or if you’re not satisfied in any way during those three months—just give our friendly customer service team a call and request a full refund of your money.

In other words, you’re risking nothing to take a full test-drive of the system.

And even if you cancel after your 6-month test-drive you’ll still get a pro-rated refund of the unused portion of your subscription.

I think that’s a pretty fair deal. Don’t you?

Palm Beach Income is one of the most popular services we offer. And I truly believe it to be the very best way to create low-risk investment income, month after month, no matter what the market is doing.

It worked for my father after he lost his nest egg in 2008. It worked for Mark Ford. And it can work for you too.

But don’t make a decision just yet. Try it today, risk-free for 3 months. If you don’t agree that it is the easiest way to generate safe, steady cash flow month after month, even in difficult market conditions, and without putting your nest egg at risk, let us know within the next 6 months and you’ll get back every cent paid.

What have you got to lose?


Click here now to get started today.


Good investing,

Tom Dyson, Signature

Tom Dyson
Publisher, Palm Beach Research Group
February 2015

P.S. There are two things that set the Palm Beach Income course apart from other programs you might have seen before:

  1. You are never left on your own. We use webinars that allow us to show you real simulations of the Palm Beach Income strategy in action, as well showing you every single detail—every “how-to” step you need to know to get up and running successfully.

  2. We don’t recommend any old stock. By using a six-part test to screen every company, we make certain every single one meets The Palm Beach Letter standard. In short, you could be making money by agreeing to buy into the highest-quality picks that you’d like to own anyway... but only if they fall to the price you are willing to pay.

P.P.S. To date, 133 out of 136 full Palm Beach Income trades have completed for a profit. That’s a 97.8% win-rate, with an average annualized return of 16.8%. The average trade duration is 52 days.


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